Our First Look At The AWESOME Blue Samsung Galaxy A52

Samsung has 2 new mid-range phones for 2021. We’re looking at the smaller one.
Akmal Hakim/TRP

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Starting at just RM1,499, the new Samsung Galaxy A52 definitely raised the bar when it comes to quality smartphones you can get at a modest price in 2021.

Entering the market with its slightly more advanced sibling, the Galaxy A72, these latest additions to Samsung’s A-series sport high-end features like multiple cameras, a crystal clear display, stereo surround speakers and even water-resistant ratings that make them a decent contender in the upper mid-range class of phones.

We may even dare to say that these phones are comparable to some of the older flagship models that are currently available.

So what’s in the box?

Samsung was kind enough to give us the “Awesome Blue” version of the Galaxy A52 to review that came bundled together with a 15W Adaptive Fast Charging plug, complete with your typical USB-C charging/data cable.

Unfortunately though, it came without a much-desired screen-protector or a handy phone grip to keep it safe from its inevitable first kiss with the floor.

Credit: Akmal Hakim/TRP

But, no matter, because the Galaxy A52’s awesomeness begins when you have it in your hands!

Right out of the box, the Galaxy A52’s plastic body pop’s with its pastel and metallic colour-mix as well as the sleek and slim rounded design that gives you a pretty firm grip on it.

The phone also comes in two other awesome colors – violet, black and white.

Credit: Samsung

Interestingly, the Galaxy A52 showcases a rather discrete camera bump on the back for its quad-camera – ultra-wide and macro – setup, which appears less obnoxious than the bumps on some of the more premium phone models out there.

Credit: Akmal Hakim/TRP

So awesome is it?

At just over 6-inches tall and around 2-inches wide, the phone is definitely not too big, but it can be tedious for a smaller hand to reach each corner of the screen.

However, with a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display and super slim bezels, the Galaxy A52 does not disappoint in providing a great viewing experience, even in bright daylight.

Credit: Akmal Hakim/TRP

The Galaxy A52 we got acomes with a snappy octa-core processor with 256GB of storage and 8GB of memory as well as a screen that refreshes at 90Hz – which in theory would make for a smooth mobile gaming experience.

We’ll soon put that along with the phone’s other features to the test, including its 4,500mAh battery that Samsung promises to last a full two days, in our full user review of the phone coming out very soon.

Credit: Akmal Hakim/TRP

In the meantime, you can check out how Samsung’s new line of Galaxy A-series phone performs under pressure at Malaysia’s first virtual sports day – “Hari Sukan Pesta Game 2021” coming to you live this 27 and 28 March on YouTube, TV3 and TV9.

Tune in to stand a chance to win your very on Samsung Galaxy A52 or A72.

Check out the video below for more details.

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