FYI, TM Has Reduced Upload Speed By 50% On Their 500Mbps Unifi Plan

Apparently, there was a mistake in the promotional material for one of the Unifi broadband plans.
Credit: Markus Winkler/Unsplash

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It appears that Telekom Malaysia (TM) has reduced the upload speed by 50% on their latest 500Mbps Unifi fibre broadband plans.

Who said what: This was brought to light by local tech news site that reported TM had “quietly reduced the upload speed of its 500Mbps plan from 200Mbps to 100Mbps” shortly after.

According to, the change is due TM mistakenly listing the 200Mbps upload speed for the 500Mbps plan when it should have been 100Mbps.

The before (left) and after (right) upload speeds advertised on Unifi’s 500Mbps plan

How did it get here: The new Unifi broadband options were initially introduced in August with speeds of 800Mbps and 500Mbps where both options advertised upload speeds of 200Mbps.

Now, the TM Unifi 500Mbps fibre broadband plan with 100Mbps upload speed is priced at RM249 /month for unlimited data usage and comes with some added perks including free Mesh WiFi Deco M9 Plus and complimentary 6 months access to Viu and YuppFlix.

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Unifi Fibre Broadband (Unifi)

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