InDriver E-Hailing App Is Unlicensed & Illegal, Says MeHDA

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Word around the street is, that there’s a new e-hailing service in town that’s unlicensed and illegal to use.

The Malaysia E-Hailing Drivers Association (MeHDA) is cautioning the public, specifically e-hailing drivers, to keep themselves off a new e-hailing mobile application that’s apparently just been made available in Malaysia, called inDriver.

The inDriver app appears to be like any other e-hailing and ridesharing taxi service here in the country.

Based out of Russia, the service is said to be available in more than 30 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The app also claims to offer cheaper fares to customers by letting users set their charges and “negotiate” with drivers.

(Credit: inDrive/Google)

According to MeHDA, the inDrive has been active and in use in Penang for the past several months, and it has been doing so illegally.

MeHDA explains that nDrive is allowing drivers who do not have a valid Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license to sign up freely and take on passengers.

Apparently, checks with the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) also revealed that the app does not have the proper licenses to operate here in Malaysia.

With the app not being properly registered, MeHDA is advising Malaysians against using the service as both drivers and passengers would not be covered by insurance should anything happen during the ride.

Here in Malaysia, licensed e-hailing operators can only employ and allow drivers with a PSV license, an e-hailing vehicle permit (EVP) as well as valid e-hailing insurance to pick up passengers.

Our checks revealed that although inDriver is currently available for download from mobile app stores, users still could not get past the registration page using a Malaysian +60 mobile number and would have no way of using the app otherwise (here in the Klang Valley at least….).

(Credit: inDrive/Google)

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