Get in touch with your health & wellness with this FREE healthcare app, Pulse by Prudential

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Taking healthcare to the digital age, global insurance provider, Prudential finally launched its AI-powered mobile app, Pulse!

This nifty all-in-one tool is the first of its kind in Malaysia and is set to transform the healthcare experience.

The mobile app acts as a round the clock partner allowing regular Malaysians to take control of their personal health and well being.

We’ve had some time to tinker with this cutting edge, FREE to use app, and here’s what we found to be totally sick about it!

1. Health, Wellness and Symptom Checker

This Doc-Bot, if you will, allows you to conduct self-examination on your personal health status via a simple chat on your phone!

Simply text away your symptoms and Pulse can give you a digital diagnosis of your illnesses.

(Image Credit: TRP)

Or get a relatively accurate picture of your current condition with a gnarly looking anatomical model of your body aptly called the Digital Twin.

(Image Credit: TRP)

Enjoy snooping around your digitized body to see what problems you might have and what you can actively do to address them, from fitness to nutrition, to even mental health!

(Like right now, the app is telling me to cut down on fat and eat more veggies…)

(Image Credit: TRP)

However, the system is not to be taken too seriously though!

The information provided by the application does not substitute actual medical advice or a formal diagnosis given by a doctor.

(Image Credit: TRP)

(Like how I’m seriously ignoring these alerts right here… LOL)


Which brings us to the apps next awesome feature…

2. Instant Consultation with DoctorOnCall

Feeling paranoid over that tummy ache or that irritating cough that just won’t go away?

Don’t have time to spend queuing up for long hours just to maybe get a few pills and then get sent on your way?

Well, DoctorOnCall (DOC) – Malaysia’s online medical clinic and pharmacy – is here to help!

With Pulse, you can connect directly with board-certified doctors who will validate your digital diagnosis.

(Image Credit: TRP)

Have a quick online audio or video call with your doctor at any time and anywhere without the need for you to lift as much as a finger!

The feature is free of charge for existing Prudential customers while other patients will be charged RM10 for the first 15 minutes of their online consultations.

(Image Credit: Prudential)

3. Find a clinic with ease

Having trouble finding clinics or panel facilities to head to?

You can now instantly find the nearest available clinics and hospitals to get all the medical attention you need, in a jiffy!

(Image Credit: TRP)

4. Dengue Outbreak Predictor

As you may or may not know, the country has recently been plagued with an outbreak of Dengue fever brought about by the ongoing plight of the Aedes mosquito.

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

Help yourself and your loved ones avoid the swarm!

Its dengue outbreak prediction platform can accurately inform you of dengue hotspots and high-risk mosquito-infested areas as reported by the local authorities.

(Image Credit: TRP)

Ensuring you’re be one step ahead of those pesky little killers.

(Image Credit: TRP)

Pulse was launched with the endorsement and support of the Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Dzulkefly bin Ahmad.

According to Dr. Dzulkefly, this revolutionary app will ultimately redefine the nation’s healthcare management by providing Malaysians with a tool to take a reactive approach towards their personal health and wellbeing rather than a curative one.

(Image Credit: imgur)

The minister also expressed how important it was for Malaysians to take ownership of their health and be more proactive in maintaining a healthier, wholesome lifestyle.

Prudential PLC Group Chief Executive Officer Mike Wells also remarked that the application sets a radical change in health management in Malaysia as well as the Asian region by making healthcare more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Wells also promises that the app will continue to be developed and more features will be added soon!

Pulse is available for FREE downloads at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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