Streamyx bill reduced to RM69 for ALL customers from September 2019!

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Attention Netflix addicts and video game junkies, there’s some good news about your internet….

Streamyx bills will be reduced to RM69 for ALL existing customers starting September!

Not only that, TM will also bump up speeds to 8Mbps (where technically possible)!

This good news is only applicable to home broadband users (residential), but TM will be announcing goodies for SME users soon (though we have no idea what it’s gonna be la).

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This price reduction + speed bump is pretty generous as their
cheapest home broadband option is RM110 for 1Mbps, while the 8Mbps speed is RM160.

Screenshot from TM

According to our calculations, that’s a 37% reduction
from the cheapest plan and almost 43% less from the most expensive plan!

So got value for money la..

For those who want to jump ship to Streamyx, you can get the RM69 price if you sign up before 31st August, but the price only applies from October onwards.

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For new customers who join from 1st September, however, the price is RM89.

Is this the cheapest home broadband available?

Well…. kinda…

If you consider U Mobile’s broadband that’s available from RM40 for 6GB of internet, then NO.

Pretty cheap ah..
(Screenshot from U Mobile)

But when compared to other home broadband plans, YES.

The next cheapest we found was Celcom’s Home Fibre Gold for RM80, while Maxis’s RM89 Home Fibre was a close second.

Cheap option 1
(Screenshot from Celcom)
Cheap option 2
(Screenshot from Maxis)

So yeah. If you’ve been thinking of getting a new home internet, there’s a hot new contender for you to consider.

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