Samsung Galaxy A35: Improved Design With Upgraded Safety

The phone comes with Samsung Knox Vault which protects user private information.

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Along with cutting-edge features like impressive screens and flexible photography setups, these smartphones are equipped with the Samsung Knox Vault device management system.

Samsung was kind enough to hook us up with the Galaxy A35, and here are our initial thoughts on the device.

First Impression

The first thing that catches the eye of the Samsung Galaxy A35 is the elegant yet simple design that flows along with the 16.83 cm FHD+ Super AMOLED infinity-O display.

The display screen features a brightness of 1000 nits and a smooth high-refresh rate of 120Hz.

Together with its glass back and floating camera design, you can say that the device looks extra classy.

The new Galaxy A models come in three different colours (Awesome Iceblue, Awesome Lilac, and Awesome Navy) that uplift the design of the devices.

The display screen also has a flawless design, with nothing interrupting the operation of the display or your viewing experience as the front, selfie camera is placed in the top middle of the phone.

Even in bright sunshine, you can see well outside with the help of Vision Booster. Not only that, watching videos and movies on the device is also a refreshing experience.

The buttons are placed on the right panel of the phone. One button is only to switch on and off the phone and the other is the volume button.

These buttons also are seamless do not bulge out too much and flow together with the design of the phone.

However, the phone is quite heavy on the hand compared to the past Samsung phones.


The Galaxy A35 comes with three cameras in the back: an 8-megapixel (ultra-wide camera), 50-megapixel (wide-angle camera), and 5-megapixel (Marco camera). The front selfie camera shoots at a standard 13 megapixels.

Upon initial trials, you can say that it is possible to get breathtaking pictures worthy of your Instagram page out of this thing because of the rich colour and fine details that it can capture.

Samsung says that the Galaxy A35’s camera specializes in night photography. The upgraded sensor and improved NPU of the Galaxy A35 5G allow for detailed, bright images even in low light.

They claim that every photo, whether it’s a nightscape picture or a nighttime portrait, will have greater detail. But, all we can say for now is that this remains to be seen. So stay tuned for our more detailed review coming up very soon.

Night Photo Taken Using Galaxy A35


Samsung claims that the Samsung Knox Vault is designed to protect your phone from hacking and also to protect one’s private information.

These pieces of information such as PINs and passwords can be securely moved to Samsung Knox Vault storage – a fully isolated location apart from the primary operating system.

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