Oppo Watch 41mm – It’s Hip To Be A Square [Review]

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From its packaging to its design and interface, the OPPO Watch pays “homage” to Apple Watch. But somehow it still manages to stand apart from other Android-powered smartwatches. 

Before diving further into the curious case of the OPPO Watch, we have to point out that the unit we are reviewing is the more affordable 41mm model. 

OPPO also makes a larger 46mm model that’s RM100 more.

Both models share the same basic features, but the 41mm has a flat 1.6in display and is rated at 3 ATM instead of 5 ATM of water resistance.

Curiouser & Curiouser

(credit: TRPTech)

There’s just something odd about the design of the OPPO Watch. On one hand, it looks modern. On the other hand, it looks old. 

The rectangular display and the silicone bands give the OPPO Watch a modern fashion aesthetic. I think the shape is better suited to the functions and controls of Wear OS, which consist mainly of taps and swipes.

Just like OPPO smartphones, the OPPO Watch has a ColorOS-like veneer on top of Google’s Wear OS that just makes it look more like an Apple Watch. 

The colour of the watch itself — which is this soft pink in our case — looks good. 

(credit: TRPTech)

Look past the pretty bits however and you will notice that the OPPO Watch is thick for its size. and it shows, especially on smaller wrists. 

It also does not use wireless charging so there are actual physical charging contacts at the back of the watch. 

Because of this, the whole package looks dated. 

But It Works Well

(credit: OPPO)

Because OPPO Watch runs on Wear OS, it can do everything most smartwatches are expected to do, like notifications and all the standard health monitoring stuff. 

It even works with Google Assistance. 

It also has access to all the Wear OS apps on the Google Play Store.

You will want to install the Google Fit app if you want to take advantage of all the app features. 

But the watch recommends that you use the HeyTap Health app instead. It requires registration. 

Swipes, taps, and app launches feel snappy despite the two-year-old processor and thanks to an increased RAM. The performance is surprisingly good. 

Stiff Competition

(credit: TRPTech)

Despite all the good that the Oppo Watch has to offer, it faces stiff competition. 

The RM899 price point puts squarely in the crosshairs of the Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 (41mm) which looks more contemporary and boasts exclusive features like Samsung Pay.

However, if you insist on a smartwatch running Wear OS that has a rectangular display, Oppo Watch should be near the top of your list.

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