This Is The First OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard, The Keyboard 81 Pro

OnePlus said it will be available soon here.
(credit: OnePlus)

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During the global launch of OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Buds Pro 2, OnePlus also announced their first mechanical keyboard under a new brand named OnePlus Featuring. It’s a “co-creation platform” and for this keyboard, they worked with Keychron.

The Keyboard 81 Pro as the name implies, has 81 keys with the standard QWERTY layout. There’s also fully customisable RGB lighting, housed in a CNC-machined aluminium chassis.

The keyboard has two selection of switches: a more tactile “Winter Bonfire” (Red switch) and the linear “Summer Breeze” (Blue switch). The switches are hot-swappable as well, which mean the users can swap the switches to whatever they prefer.

(credit: OnePlus)

The “Winter Bonfire” keycaps are made of PBT plastic, while the “Summer Breeze” keycaps are “Marble-mallow”.

The keyboard can be used wirelessly via the built-in Bluetooth 5.1 or wired via the USB-C port. There’s a 4,000mAh battery inside and OnePlus claims it will last 100 hours with the RGB at the lowest brightness level.

(credit: OnePlus)

There’s a slider at the back that let users toggle between Mac and Windows mode and it has a rotary knob, which can be customised to trigger various functions.

At the time of writing, OnePlus has not release any pricing. The Keyboard 81 Pro looks very similar to Keychron Q1 Pro and on Shopee, you can get the Q1 Pro for around RM659 and above.

(credit: Keychron)

The keyboard will go on sale in April and according to a press release sent to us, OnePlus said it will be “available soon” in Malaysia.

(credit: OnePlus)

When we look around OnePlus Malaysia website, it says “pre-order will start in May” and there only seems to be one model on offer, which is the “Winter Bonfire” version.

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