Opensignal Awards Digi For Performance Users & Unifi For Standard Users

All 6 big telcos in Malaysia got an award from Opensignal
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Opensignal recently announced the winners of its Malaysia Mobile Experience Awards 2022. 

The awards compared and ranked Malaysia’s mobile operators during the ninety days between 1 June and 12 August 29, 2022. 

The analysis was made at a national level, as well as across 15 Malaysian territories.

Here are the results:

Digi — Excellent Consistent Quality 

If you are often watching HD video, on group video conference calls, and playing online games on your mobile device, this award says that Digi might be the right telco for you. 

According to Opensignal, Digi has reliably met the minimum recommended performance thresholds sufficient to support demanding common applications.

Unifi — Core Consistent Quality 

If you’re happy enough with standard definition (SD) video, do mostly voice calls, and love web browsing, then Unifi is good enough. 

This award was given to Unifi for meeting the minimum recommended performance thresholds for lower performance applications.

Digi — Download Speed Experience

(credit: Marc Olivier Jodoin / Unsplash)

Opensignal awarded this award to Digi for its fastest average download speeds in Malaysia, at 20.5 Mbps. No wonder it also won the Excellent Consistent Quality award. 

U Mobile — Upload Speed Experience

On the flip side, U Mobile got this award for its average upload speed of 7.1Mbps, This makes U Mobile favourable for content creators and those who want to be first when uploading to social networks. 

Digi & Maxis — Video Experience

For those who love to watch videos on their mobile, Opensignal says that Digi and Maxis may be your best options. Here’s the breakdown.

Maxis placed in the top 10 regions and is the best in Kuala Lumpur while Digi placed top in 12 regions and wins in Negeri Sembilan and Pahang

If you’re in Kelantan, try U Mobile which also placed in the top spots in eight regions.

Maxis — Games Experience

(credit: Screen Post / Unsplash)

Maxis was the clear choice for multiplayer mobile gamers, according to Opensignal. It won across all 15 regions tested and only shared the top spot in eight. 

Still, it only got a fair rating of 67.3 which also shows that for games, Malaysian telcos are lacking. 

Maxis & U Mobile — Voice App Experience

The fight for the best experience while using over-the-top (OTT) voice app services such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger was tight. The two joint winners, Maxis and U Mobile, won by a small margin.

Yes — Availability

Want to be connected and stay connected? Based on Opensignal’s analysis, you should say yes to Yes. 

Malaysian smartphone users, on average, spent at least 98.8% of their time connected to mobile broadband services with a 3G or better signal on Yes. U Mobile was a very close second at 98%.

Celcom — 4G Coverage Experience

(credit: Baatcheet Films)

Finally on the board is Celcom with its 9.2 out of 10 scores. That means Celcom users that Opensignal studies connected to 4G in most locations — 92 out of 100.

The full report can be viewed at:

There are no 5G awards because Malaysia does not have comprehensive 5G coverage yet. 

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