Bilibili Is Here! Time To Get In Touch With Your Otaku Soul

Now you don’t have to sail the high seas to watch your favourite anime and waifus.
(credit: Bilibili/ Wikipedia)

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There used to be very few options for anime streaming platforms in Malaysia. But not anymore. Bilibili has landed here!

Who is Bilibili? They are a Shanghai-based video sharing service with an ACG (animation, comics, and games) theme where users may upload, view, and annotate movies.

Bilibili is launching in Malaysia with the release of more than 35 anime films, including the season’s most eagerly awaited shows Overlord IV and The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Season 2, in addition to the many shows that are currently available and they have more than 9600 episodes of anime and more than 3800 hours available to stream.

There are also nine brand new anime that are only available on Bilibili, such as TOKYO MEW MEW NEW and Engage Kiss.

(credit: Bilibili)

This anime tells the story of when a boy and two girls are forced to coexist on a man-made island, and chaos ensues.

(credit: Bilibili)

The famed anime superpower girls with dessert-themed code names and adorable transformation techniques that captivated anime viewers 20 years ago are back in this revival.

Can’t wait to start watching your beloved anime? You can start watching by going to Bilibili site or download Bilibili app from Google Play or App Store.

Which anime will you be watching first?

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