Netflix Raya Treats

Three new films, classic series, and more.

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This Raya, Netflix is featuring three Malaysian films exclusively on its streaming platform.

It all starts with the release of the comedy film Kongsi Raya on 27 April. It’s then followed up by a black-and-white feature Prebet Sapu on 1 May, and a periodic film about Malaysian cinema Showtime 1958 on 3 May. All exclusively on Netflix.

If you want something to just run in the background while entertaining guests, there’s a whole collection of made-in-Malaysia classics now streaming on Netflix.

This includes iconic sitcoms like Senario and Best of Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu, action-comedy blockbuster Bulan dan Pria Terhebat, real-life inspired romantic film Pulang, and not to forget one for the kids — BoBoiBoy.

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