They Released A Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi

The Nano Tamagotchi is currently available for preorder through P-Bandai.

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The official Japanese Tamagotchi Twitter today announced that the Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi is available for pre order from P-Bandai starting today. 

The announcement was a part of the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary announcement. 

There will be two different versions of the miniaturised and simplified Tamagotchi, a Dark Mode version and a Light Mode version. 

These virtual pets have a price tag of 2,530JPY or approximately RM87. They are expected to be released in Japan in October this year. 

The Kingdom Hearts Nano Tamacotchis are the same as the Demon Slayer Nano Tamagotchi that you can find at the local Toys R Us, but with Kingdom Heart art and characters.

Bandai had also previously made Star Wars, Gudetama, Pac-Man, and more variants of these small keychain LCD games. 

The basic premise across all Nano Tamagotchi is the same. Players are tasked with taking care of their little characters in the game by feeding them, playing with them, and cleaning up after them. 

How well they do will determine how their character will evolve.

The goal varies from getting the character that a player wants or trying to get all the characters in the game. 

However, certain functions differ from one Nano Tamagotchi variant with another.

Right now Bandai has teased 20 characters (which includes Disney characters and variants of Sora) that will be available in the game. However, they are putting two more Heartless characters up to a vote

Whoever gets the most votes by 11 Apr, will be added to the game. 

When we checked the official P-Bandai website for availability, we were surprised to find that Malaysia is listed on the page

The link takes us to a Shopee page, but until the Philippines Shopee page, it is still empty.

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