Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Is Set To Release on 18 Feb

This is the first futuristing sci-fi plane in Magic: The Gathering.

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Wizards of the Coast will be releasing Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, the newest set for Magic: The Gathering (MTG) on 18 Feb for tabletop. 

The set is a long-awaited return to the plane initially seen in the original Kamigawa block released in 2004. 

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty transforms the feudal Japan-inspired setting into a bright, futuristic neonscape. 

The Story

In a city of looming skyscrapers and vibrant cherry blossom trees, cyber ninja Kaito Shizuki searches for the missing Emperor of Kamigawa. 

With returning Planeswalkers Tamiyo and The Wanderer by his side, Kaito must journey through the neon Undercity to investigate an unfolding mystery; one that threatens the spiritual world of Kamigawa and the delicate balance between soul and machine. 

Set 1,200 years after the events of the original Kamigawa story, Neon Dynasty merges old with the new as it transforms returning mechanics and introduces never-before-seen abilities. 

New & Returning Mechanics

The new mechanic, Reconfigure, imbues creatures with the ability to equip themselves to other creatures and confer new bonuses. 

Double-faced cards return and are key to changing the tides of battle, with Sagas that turn into enchantment creatures to offer player’s additional unique abilities. 

Channel also returns in Neon Dynasty, allowing players to discard a card with the ability to get a temporary effect. 

Another returning mechanic, Ninjutsu, allows Ninja creatures to slip past an opponent’s defences: cards with Ninjutsu can be put into play already attacking by returning an unblocked creature to its owner’s hand. 

Legendary creatures of Kamigawa make a comeback with the highlight being five legendary Spirit Dragons who are central to the plane. 

Samurai and Ninja creatures also return with various cool new iterations for players to collect. 

The Gorgeous Art

Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese iconography, Neon Dynasty features 10 “Ukiyo-e” basic lands with each basic land type getting two different pieces of woodblock art available in foil and non-foil versions. 

The new set also brings modernity to feudal aesthetics with Ninja and Samurai showcase frames, styling these specific creature types with elegant and futuristic borders. 

In a special collaboration with prominent Japanese artists Hara Tetsuo (Fist of the North Star), Yoji Shinkawa (Metal Gear Solid), and many more.

Neon Dynasty features some exquisite works of full-art cards that showcase certain Legendary creatures and Planeswalkers from the set as dazzling, vibrant pieces. 

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty will be available in regular Draft Boosters, Theme Boosters, Collector Boosters, Set Boosters, as well as the Neon Dynasty Bundle and two Commander decks. 

For more information on Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, view the official cinematic trailer, or visit https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/kamigawa-neon-dynasty.

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