Making Sense Of Samsung’s ‘Together For Tomorrow’ Vision

Samsung lays out plans at the CES 2022 pre-show.
(credit: Samsung)

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Before CES2022 kicks off in earnest, vice chairman, CEO and head of DX (device experience) division at Samsung, Jong-Hee (JH) Han took the stage and presented the company’s plans going forward.

“Together for Tomorrow”, that’s the name given to Samsung’s vision for the coming year.

In his keynote, Han highlighted three components of the vision: sustainability, experience, and connectivity.

We’ve summarised the presentation here, but you can still watch the 54 minute keynote down below.

Everyday Sustainability

Vice chairman, CEO and head of DX (device experience) division at Samsung, Jong-Hee (JH) Han (credit: Samsung)

Packaging From Recycled Materials 

This year Samsung’s Visual Display Business plans to increase the number of recycled plastics it would use to 30 times more than what it did in 2012. 

For its TVs, Samsung expects to expand its use of recycled materials to include packaging materials like Styrofoam, box holders, and plastic bags as well.

Eco-Packaging Programme

Samsung will also expand its award-winning Eco-Packaging programme which turns cardboard boxes into cat houses, side tables, and other useful furniture items. 

In the future, the programme will include packaging for home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, air purifiers, and more.

SolarCell Remote

One of the company’s latest innovations is the SolarCell Remote. It has a built-in solar panel and could even syphon electricity from radio frequencies in devices like Wi-Fi routers.

The technology aims to make disposable batteries in low power appliances obsolete, and starting from this year, it will be included with more Samsung products 

On top of that, Samsung also announced that SolarCell Remote will be made open source so other companies could adopt the technology as well. 

Evolving Experience

(credit: Samsung)

Screens Everywhere

All the platforms and screens that Samsung is unveiling at the event this year, will continuing the company’s plans for a ‘Screens Everywhere, Screens for All’ era that was hinted at last year. 

One of these products is the Freestyle, a portable projector that has a built-in streaming app and smart TV features. It can be set up virtually anywhere and provide a “cinematic-quality” experience.

Another is the Samsung Gaming Hub, an all-in-one platform for discovering and playing cloud and console games. It is set to launch on the company’s 2022 Smart TVs and monitors. 

Lastly, the Odyssey Ark is a 55-inch, flexible and curved gaming screen that allows users to play games, video chat with friends, and watch gaming videos at the same time.


Samsung also plans to expand its Bespoke line of products to include more home appliances, smartphones and large-screen devices. 

During the presentation, new products like the Bespoke Jet vacuum, and Bespoke Washer and Dryer were introduced.

Intelligent Connectivity

(credit: Samsung)

Home Hub

For the first time, the company presented its all-new Samsung Home Hub with SmartThings service that integrates with AI-connected appliances.

It plans to include SmatThings Hub into its 2022 TVs, Smart Monitors and Family Hub refrigerators making the technology more ubiquitous.

For Tomorrow

As a part of its corporate social responsibility, Samsung continues programmes like Solve for Tomorrow and Samsung Innovation Campus, to develop and build skills of young people for the workplace of tomorrow.

Its programmes have reached more than 21 million people since 2012.

This is the better tomorrow we all seek: enabling people to reach beyond their dreams, a planet protected so others can experience its wonders, [and] innovation as the spark for change.

Vice-chairman, CEO and head of DX (device experience) division at Samsung, Jong-Hee (JH) Han.

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