Yield Guild Games SEA Calls Out Malaysians To Participate In Blockchain-Based Games

You will need a Ronin wallet before signing up for an account.
(Credit: YGG SEA).

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Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA) is inviting Malaysians to the play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain-based game, Axie Infinity.

YGG SEA is a sub decentralized autonomous organization (subDAO) in the crypto gaming league Yield Guild Games, based in the Philippines.

The guild wants to leverage their first mover advantage in the market and getting as much participation from Malaysians in the virtual economy and at the same time build understanding about the technology they are using.

Players who sign up for an account AKA “obtaining a scholarship from the guild”, will get to play Axie Infinity for free and a share of 70% of their in-game earning.

Typically, gamers get up to 60% of the earnings.

They also get to experience weekly training and discussions via the YGG SEA Discord channel, and participate in lucky draws and get free game tokens.

The rest of the earnings will go to YGG SEA as the owner of the non-fungible token (NFT) used in gameplays.

(Credit: Axie Infinity/Facebook).

axie infinity

Axie Infinity is an online NFT-based game developed Vietnamese game studio Sky Mavis. The game has a similar battle mechanic to Pokemon, where the digital pets known as Axie will battle each other.

The game also has a Hearthstone-like deck building aspect.

Players who win these battles and challenges will be rewarded with smooth love potions or SLPs which is a cryptocurrency in the game, players can cash SLP to local currencies.

To cash out SLP, players will need a Ronin wallet which is also necessary for creating an Axie Infinity account.

Instead of cashing out, players could also use the SLP to breed more Axies which can be sold on the game’s market.

The game however, requires players to have at least three Axies to start playing and keep the demand of the pets up.

YGG SEA Malaysia Manager, Evon Chay (Credit: YGG SEA).

P2E Games In Malaysia

YGG SEA Malaysia Manager, Evon Chay calls Malaysia an untapped potential for the P2E game format. She said their experience in Philippines in building the P2E economy can be cloned in Malaysia.

She then added that this is to help promote the understanding and adoption of blockchain technology and participation in the metaverse also NFTs.

YGG has also announced that they have successfully raised US$15 million (~RM63 million) for their Southeast Asian efforts.

Currently, the Discord channel has more than 38,000 members and over 7,000 of them are guild scholars (YGG members).

In the two months they have established themselves in SEA they have gotten 300 scholars (player accounts) from Malaysia and Singapore. YGG is targeting to have 100,000 scholars from the Malaysian and Singaporean markets.

In the near term, we will remain focused on our regional expansion plans to fortify YGG SEA’s presence in key regional markets. Our mission is to grow our guild and the P2E virtual economy from the 700 million people within the Southeast Asian region. As we do so, we are also committed to build a strong understanding of local market needs to ensure that we can cater our platform to meet our communities’ needs

YGG SEA Malaysia Manager,

The company wants to introduce more games to be supported by the platform.

They also want to create a gaming ecosystem and are looking for partnership prospects with local P2E game studios.

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