Scuf Gaming Launched A Customised DualSense 5 Controller And It’s Already Sold Out

The Scuf Reflex controllers comes in base, Pro, and FPS versions.
(Credit: Scuf Gaming/Twitter).

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Scuf Gaming makes high performance controllers that you can customise. Now they have made a line of performance Sony’s DualSense 5 compatible controllers called Reflex.

These controllers features back paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, and can store gaming profiles.

Reflex also has a Pro variant, with extra grippy texture and a special variant that is specifically made for playing FPS on the PS5.

The Scuf Reflex FPS removes everything that a serious console FPS player or professional player doesn’t need.

It is basically a DualSense 5 without the rumble and haptic feedback, and with shorter actuation for the trigger and buttons.

That means no distractions from superfluous features and faster response.

(Credit: Scuf Gaming).

As for the price the The Reflex and Reflex Pro starts at US$199.99 (~RM844) and US$229.99 (~RM971) respectively. However, the FPS variant, the one with some of the features removed, has a starting price tag of US$260 (~RM1099).

On top of all that, there’s a US$29.99 (~RM127) delivery fee.

While these controllers may be able to improve your gaming on the console, we are still not convinced that it would be any help against someone using a mouse and keyboard.

Currently the first batch of controllers mentioned here are sold out. However you can still go to the Scuf official website and check them out.

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