This Malaysian Made App Can Verify Your Covid-19 Test

CLEA introduces Malaysia’s first virtual Covid-19 screening app.
(Credit: CLEA).

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Malaysia is on its way to enter the endemic stage of Covid-19 pandemic and CLEA is a local tech startup that is introducing Malaysia’s first virtual Covid-19 screening app, to ease the transition.

It aims to create a platform that ensures a degree of protection is achieved in the ongoing pandemic.

Though self-test kits are more accessible now, it doesn’t have the benefit of authentication from licensed medical professionals.

CLEA wants to address the issue by automating the process and make screenings more streamlined, while ensuring that results are verified.

The CLEA App

The point of the app is it lets users skip in-person consults, keeping exposure to a minimum.

Using an in-app recording feature users can use to submit the test kits to their medical partners (licensed doctors) to be verified within 24 hours.

According to CLEA, authentication will be guaranteed through unique Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) and results can be viewed and downloaded at any time with the log feature built into the app.

Users will be issued certificates with every verified test kit result. The certificate can be used as a pass to enter premises that require screening test reports.

The company has collaborated with test kit brand Gmate, which has been approved by the Medical Device Authority (MDA) with partners including Wondfo, Vchek, and SD Biosensor.

The collaboration allows buyers of Gmate brand test kit to get a complimentary virtual screening credit by CLEA instead of having to pay RM15 each time to get the virtual screening done.

We created CLEA to address multiple gaps that have arisen amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

On-site mass screenings, though encouraged to accurately diagnose new cases, can further expose the public unnecessarily to the virus. Combined with the fact that it is time-consuming, we believe that this practice can be further improved on.

Alongside our trusted medical partners, we aim to introduce a new culture of convenience to the community, whilst also ensuring that Malaysians feel protected wherever they go.

Beyond Covid-19, we believe that CLEA will be an asset in helping Malaysians combat any highly transmissible illnesses, thus ensuring that our community is always medically prepared and protected against any potential outbreaks in future.

Dr. Chan Hai Feng, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CLEA.

CLEA also included a HR management portal which allows employers to monitor their employees screening date and infection status to keep the workplace safe for everyone.

The feature can also help companies plan work schedules and reduce disruptions due to outbreak. This is also beneficial to workers as the features takes out the hassle of multiple manual on-site screenings.

(Credit: CLEA).

The app is available on Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.

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