These New Inkjet Printers Have Big Tanks & Are Heat-Free

Environmentally friendly printers for the home, small office, and businesses
Epson Ecotank L5290 (credit: Epson)

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Epson recently refreshed its current lineup of EcoTank printers with the launch of 13 new models. 

The announcement was in line with the company’s Turn Down The Heat campaign, Epson’s effort to fight against climate change. 

Epson’s new range of EcoTank printers uses Heat-Free Technology. 

All inkjet printers use print heads with thousands of tiny holes with microscopic droplets of ink. Different types of inkjet printers form their droplets of ink in different ways. 

Most inkjet printers use heat to create bubbles of ink that both push the ink out of and bring ink into the printer head. These are often called bubble jet printers. 

Epson on the other hand patented a technology that uses vibrations to achieve the same results. 

An EcoTank printer also uses fewer consumables and replacement parts since it uses large reservoirs of ink and not disposable printer cartridges.

Epson Smart Panel App (credit: Epson)

To better fit with how most consumers use their printers today, these new printers are also compatible with the Epson Smart Panel app. 

It allows users to print, scan, copy and perform basic printer maintenance right from their smartphones through Wi-Fi.

The app is also compatible with Google Classroom so students can scan and print their assignments from the app. 

All refreshed EcoTank models, except the L6400 series, sport a new printer body.

(credit: Epson)

As for their target audience the L1200, L3200, and L5200 series are meant for the home, the L6200 series is meant for the small office, and the L6400 series is made for medium offices or shops.

Visit the website or contact your nearest Epson Authorised Dealer store if you’d like to purchase one.

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