PUBG Mobile Welcomes Ramadan With Malaysia Food-Inspired In-Game Items

Players can now ‘tapau’ their enemies with new in-game items featuring a Nasi Lemak Set and Roti John Machete.
(Credit: PUBG Mobile)

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In conjunction with its Ramadan celebrations, a popular mobile game in Southeast Asia, PUBG Mobile releases an all-new in-game set and machete, inspired by our favourite Malaysian foods!

Available from 23 March 2023 onwards, fans and players will be able to redeem the Nasi Lemak Suit, Nasi Lemak Hat, Nasi Lemak Glasses and the Roti John Machete in the Redeem Shop using Ocean Crystals.

Inspired by every Malaysian’s favourite meal at any time of day, the Nasi Lemak Set includes:

  • Nasi Lemak Suit comprising of a Banana Leaf Jacket, Coconut Rice T-shirt, Ikan Bilis Necklace, and Peanut Bracelet
  • Nasi Lemak Hat with all the embellishments of a typical nasi lemak packet with a Fried Egg as the base, topped with Spicy Sambal and Ayam Goreng Berempah; and
  • Nasi Lemak Glasses with lenses made of cucumber slices to keep your character looking cool

The Roti John Machete is designed to resemble the well-known omelette sandwich, with all the details such as the Bread Loaf, Onions, Cabbage, Ground Meat, Eggs and Sauce toppings all wrapped up with a paper wrap for the handle to boot!

Players will also be able to redeem the Nasi Lemak set for FREE when they participate in the time-limited in-game event, Nasi Lemak – Tapau All!

From 23 March to 29 March 2023, players will have to complete special Ramadan missions to be able to redeem the full Nasi Lemak Set including the Nasi Lemak Suit, Nasi Lemak Glasses and Nasi Lemak Hat. 

Celebrate PUBG MOBILE’s 5th anniversary the Malaysian way and tapau these special food item drops for yourself.

Check out the Nasi Lemak set in action in the teaser video here!

For more information, visit PUBG MOBILE’s official social media pages: 

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