Government Initiatives ‘Data Untuk Rakyat’ And ‘Cyber Security Untuk Rakyat’ To Enhance Tech Proficiency

Digital Minister Gobind Singh Deo stated that these two programmes are crucial to ensure that people are prepared for the challenges of current technology.
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In order to encourage more Malaysians to be tech-savvy, Digital Minister Gobind Singh Deo announced that the government will create ‘Data Untuk Rakyat’ and ‘Cyber Security Untuk Rakyat’ programmes.

He emphasised the importance of introducing new online technology-related programmes to ensure that people are prepared for the challenges of current technology, according to Bernama.

I want to ensure that every segment of the society understands more deeply what data, AI, cyber security, and other technologies are all about, so they are ready for future challenges in using these technologies

Gobind Singh Deo, Digital Minister

Gobind proposed the two new programmes after one million Malaysians successfully completed the ‘AI Untuk Rakyat’ programme, an online self-learning initiative teaching people about the basic of artificial intelligence (AI).

The ‘AI Untuk Rakyat‘ programme, launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on 16 January 2024, highlights the government’s effort to educating Malaysians about AI.

Besides that, Gobind also added that his ministry is currently focusing on creating a digitalisation platform for government services that is accessible, secure, and of high quality.

He stated that they are drafting a law to enable data sharing, which is crucial for maximising the benefits of data-based online operations. They aim to present the bill in Parliament by the end of the year.

This data sharing will enable government services to collaborate seamlessly and more efficiently, thereby offering quicker services to Malaysians.

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