E-Hailing Group Wants Government To Regulate Fares

The President of the Grab Drivers Malaysia Association complained that the current fares are too low for the drivers, causing many to quit.
(credit: Malay Mail)

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The Grab Drivers Malaysia Association, led by President Arif Asyraf Ali, has urged the government to consider the challenges faced by e-hailing drivers, advocating for regulated fare prices instead of focusing solely on consumer interests.

Arif criticised the current price bidding system, where passengers and drivers negotiate fares, as it often results in unsustainably low prices for drivers, according to The Malaysian Insight.

He cited examples of fares dropping drastically, such as a typical RM90-RM150 trip from KLIA to the city being reduced to RM35, forcing drivers to accept unprofitable rates.

Arif called for government intervention to establish a pricing mechanism that ensures fair compensation for drivers, warning that without support, many drivers will leave the industry.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke recently announced that e-hailing services are prohibited from using the price bidding system. He has instructed the Land Public Transport Agency to review the current system in use.

The price bidding system, though intended to balance fare agreements, is seen as detrimental to both drivers and passengers, with the potential for inflated costs and unfair earnings.

The ongoing price war among e-hailing companies, while beneficial to passengers, is leading to an exodus of drivers from the industry due to unviable earnings.

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