Facebook Messenger Is Now More Secure Thanks To End-To-End Encryption

Plus additional functionality including the ability to edit messages, higher media quality and disappearing messages.
(credit: Meta)

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Meta has just unveiled a range of new features set to debut on Facebook Messenger, alongside a suite of enhancements geared towards enriching your messaging encounters.

Starting now, all your private messages will be encrypted, ensuring that only you and your intended recipient have access to their contents. This marks a significant stride in the right direction, particularly since a multitude of rival messengers, not exclusively those focused on privacy, have already implemented end-to-end encryption.

Other than that, you now have the ability to edit messages. However, there’s a caveat to message editing; it’s only feasible within the initial 15 minutes after you send the message.

(credit: Meta)

You can also set disappearing messages and they will last for 24 hours after being sent. Meta has improved the interface to make it easier to tell when disappearing messages are turned on. Disappearing messages are only available for end-to-end encrypted conversations.

(credit: Meta)

Besides that, you can conceal your read receipt to prevent others from knowing when you’ve viewed their messages.

There’s also improvements in voice messaging. Notably, you can adjust playback speed to 1.5x or 2x and seamlessly resume listening from where you last left off.

Furthermore, there’s a boost in photo and video quality, with Meta currently testing HD photos and videos within a select user group before implementing these changes globally.

If these features haven’t appeared for you yet, it’s likely part of a phased rollout, so exercise patience for a few days.

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