Digital ID Allows Malaysians To Access All Gov’t Applications With Just One Sign-In, Says Rafizi

Rafizi said the paper outlining the concept and implementation of govtech will be presented at MTEN.
(Credit: Malay Mail)

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The National Digital ID is meant to make it easier for Malaysians to register with all government applications with just one sign-in, according to Economic Affairs Minister Rafizi Ramli.

He addressed concerns from Malaysians on social media who question the need for Digital ID when the Identification Card (ID) is already being used as a form of identity verification.

The Identity Card is a physical identification and self-verification. In line with the government’s efforts to digitize most of the government’s services and affairs, without a unique form of digital self-identification and authentication for each citizen, we need to open an account for each government portal.

Economic Affairs Minister Rafizi Ramli

Rafizi says that ultimately this results in government systems that are not integrated which requires Malaysians to fill in the same information over and over again.

Among the latest efforts is to gradually introduce govtech (high-tech public service) in the public service. As we are used to using digital applications for many daily affairs, the desire to deal with the government will be as easy as using other digital applications.

Economic Affairs Minister Rafizi Ramli

He added that initial steps have been taken by this administration including the development of the Main Data Base (PADU) to collect all the information of each citizen from various government databases into one data lake.

After that, each application no longer needs to develop an overlapping database and use an API (application programming interface) to connect with PADU. That is, we do not need to fill in various information many times to deal with the government.

Economic Affairs Minister Rafizi Ramli

The next step, Rafizi said, is to enable the single sign-on (SSO) facility that allows users to access all government facilities and applications with one login and implement the integration of government applications into one main portal with a single sign-on.

The paper outlining the concept and implementation of govtech in phases will be presented at the National Economic Action Council (MTEN) next week. From 2024, I hope there will be a significant improvement in user satisfaction when using government affairs applications that focus more on User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX)/Customer Experience (CX).

Economic Affairs Minister Rafizi Ramli

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