Sarawak Teacher Buys Starlink Device With Own Money So Students Have Internet Access

The teacher in Sarawak said he bought the Starlink device with his own money and did not depend on funds from other parties or organisations.

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The rural areas in Malaysia are known to have little to no wifi. At best, the internet speed can be slow.

Fortunately, the issue of internet access and connectivity in rural areas is slowly rectified with the introduction of Starlink in Malaysia.

A teacher in Sarawak recently shared that he bought a Starlink device so his students can have internet access.

Posting on his TikTok account AmOi Morni (@amoimorni), he said he bought the Starlink device with his own money and without any funds from any party or organisation.

@amoimorni Replying to @SangMusafir8794 ♬ suara asli – pakkalukka

In another video clip, it showed him carrying the black Starlink box up a flight of stairs presumably to his classroom.

Although he bought the device himself, he’s thankful that Starlink is allowed in Malaysia as it enables many people in hard-to-reach areas to gain internet access.

When he ran a speed test, the Starlink device recorded 151 Mbps, 19 Mbps for upload speed, and 76 ms latency.

@amoimorni #starlink. Happy betul cikgu izzat ni bila starlink dah sampai. Hahahahaha jom tgk hasil dia nanti 😍 #starlink #starlinksatellites #starlinkinternet #fyp #rurallife #sarawak #pedalamansarawak ♬ original sound – AmOi Morni

Netizens agreed that having internet access is important for everyone for work and studies. They praised the teacher for the initiative to bring internet access to his students and hoped it would be utilised fully.

On 15 July, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the government bought 40 Starlink devices for use in universities, colleges, and schools across the country.

The decision was made after he had a meeting with Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla.

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