Gaming Goes Academic: Government Explores Bringing Esports To The Classroom

The Youth and Sports Minister expressed plans to classify esports as a co-curricular and club activity.
(credit: Malay Mail)

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By integrating esports into the educational curriculum, schools provide opportunities for students to develop various skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. Esports also offers an engaging and immersive platform that not only entertains but also enhances students’ skills and prepares them for the challenges of the digital age.

FMT reports that Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh has announced that the ministries of education, youth, and sports will collaborate in holding discussions regarding the introduction of esports in schools.

Currently, the youth and sports ministry does not have any esports programs in schools, but there are plans to include esports as a co-curricular and club activity. Esports has already been recognized as a sport under the Sport Development Act by the ministry.

Yeoh stated that the ministry intends to hold joint discussions with the education ministry regarding the implementation of esports in schools. These discussions will involve a committee chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, and will include representatives from the youth and sports ministry, education ministry, and higher education ministries.

Additionally, Yeoh mentioned that the ministry is in the final stages of launching the national esports development guideline. The guideline aims to address the negative stigma associated with esports and promote best practices in managing the sport.

The ministry plans to engage with stakeholders to gather feedback on aspects such as child monitoring and protection, a code of conduct and ethics, and establishing a career path framework within the sport.

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