EasyDispatch, An AI-Powered Logistics Solution Backed By Alibaba Cloud Is Here In Malaysia

This is a real-time service dispatch solution that integrates Al-powered centralized features and Vehicle Route Planning (VRP) to enhance supply chain management and reduce logistics costs.
(credit: Alibaba Cloud/ EasyParcel)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise the way we live and work. With AI, machines can perform complex tasks that were once thought to be impossible for them. AI-powered machines are already being used in various industries to increase efficiency and productivity.

As the technology behind AI continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more sophisticated and intelligent systems that can analyse vast amounts of data, make predictions, and even learn from their experiences. The possibilities are endless, and the potential benefits are enormous, making AI a crucial component of the future of technology.

The Sun reports that Alibaba Cloud, the technological backbone of Alibaba Group, has introduced its AI-powered logistics solution, EasyDispatch, in Malaysia. The aim is to boost business innovation and enhance the logistics industry with advanced cloud-based technology and proven solutions.

The smart logistics solution incorporates AI-powered, centralised features and Vehicle Route Planning (VRP) to improve supply chain management and reduce logistics costs. It uses the latest AI and machine learning technology to improve dispatch capabilities and efficiency, offering high-accuracy address processing capabilities and real-time dispatch services.

Alibaba Cloud also announced its support for Global Track, a Malaysian company that offers smart logistics services, in order for Alibaba to introduce its smart logistics solution in Malaysia for the first time.

Additionally, Alibaba Cloud has signed an MoU with EasyParcel, a delivery service booking platform, to provide more efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions to businesses in Southeast Asia.

The two parties also plan to work together to deliver a broad variety of logistics services for Malaysian businesses including real-time tracking, intelligent routing, and customised suggestions based on data analysis.

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