WhatsApp Working On A New Feature That Prompt Users To Clean Up Old Chat Groups

This new feature, dubbed “Expiring Groups” should help users get rid of dormant and forgotten groups.
(credit: WhatsApp)

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For those who are actively using WhatsApp, we are certain that many of us have numerous groups that we joined or were invited to a long time ago, but we never left or deleted these groups and just leave them there. But all those groups take up your device’s storage space and to counter this, WhatsApp is testing a feature that will ask users to remove the groups after they expire.

According to WABetaInfo, they have spotted that the instant-messaging giant is currently working on a feature called “Expiring groups” for iOS. In a forthcoming update of the app, users will have the ability to specify an expiry date for their groups. When the specified date arrives, users will receive a notification requesting them to remove the group.

(credit: WABetaInfo)

Once this feature becomes available, users will be given the option to select from a range of expiration choices, including one day, one week, or a custom date. Additionally, users will have the ability to remove a previously set expiration date if they change their mind. It’s important to note that this choice is individual and will not impact other members of the group.

If you have created or joined many groups previously, but forgot about it, this is a good feature to help you clean them up and free up storage space. It’s currently under development and WhatsApp didn’t say anything about its release. Even though WABetaInfo said this feature is for iOS, we are certain that it will be coming to Android as well. Stay tuned to our page for more update.

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