Fahmi: We Will Talk To Telegram Over Scammer And Security Issues

The Minister of Comms and Digital said the instant messaging app is ‘problematic’ with many scammer activities.
(credit: Telegram/ Malay Mail)

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Just a couple of days ago, we reported that the Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil said that social media platforms have been hacked and exploited by scammers. He emphasised that the government is taking the issue of online scams very seriously, as it not only involves financial losses but also the spread of extremist ideologies and pornography.

He also added that scammers on Telegram have become highly advanced and skilled to the extent that they can breach the private accounts of well-known individuals, like former Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, which happened last year August. Now, Fahmi wants to talk to Telegram regarding these issues.

Malay Mail reports that the Minister announced that they will contact Telegram to discuss user security issues and other concerns related to the application. Despite the fact that many people, including the National Security Council (NSC), use Telegram to share information, the Minister emphasized that public security is a top priority.

He acknowledged that Telegram has been problematic due to various types of information being posted and reported scammer activities. However, he also recognized the importance of Telegram as a channel for conveying information to the public.

Therefore, the ministry will collaborate with Telegram to ensure appropriate action is taken in accordance with existing laws, specifically with regards to issues of scamming, pornography, and extremism.

Fahmi said he viewed this matter seriously and hoped for cooperation from Telegram, as has been the case with other service providers. He revealed that his ministry officials have already contacted Telegram and he is awaiting feedback.

The Minister stressed that scamming is a significant concern, especially as several prominent people have been targeted for identity theft through the platform. He deemed this a pressing issue and vowed to address it urgently.

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