Fixing Your Apple Devices At Authorised Service Providers Is Now Pricier

AASPs have increased the price of replacing a battery, a display, and other components as of yesterday.
(credit: Machines Facebook)

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If you have been planning to repair or changing the battery of your iPhones, iPads or any Apple devices, you need to prepare to fork out more money.

According to Xavier Nava, he tweeted that servicing your devices at Apple Authorised Service Providers (AASP) has become more expensive starting yesterday.

He added that the service price increase is not limited to Malaysia but is happening around the world as well. For example, changing your iPhone 13 battery will now cost RM430, a RM50 increase from RM380.

However, different AASPs will have different service prices. Here are some of the service prices for a few popular AASPs in Malaysia and screenshots of iPhone 13 service prices:

Switch: Service Price List | Switch Apple Premium Reseller in Malaysia

Service prices(credit: Switch/ iTworld)

Itworld: Service Price (

Machines: Machines Service Centre | Find an Apple Service Provider Near You

Service prices(credit: Machines)

It’s recommended that you take a look at the service prices before sending it for servicing.

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