CyberSecurity Malaysia Is Investigating Whether TikTok Is Harmful To Your Personal Data

The Comms and Digital Minister also said they will look into whether the app is biased towards certain political parties.
(credit: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash)

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According to Digital Business Lab, in 2022, TikTok is the second top mobile app by the total number of downloads in Malaysia and in terms of TikTok’s global penetration rate, Malaysia came in sixth place.

Out of four million users in Malaysia, majority of them are under 30 years old, while 41% of them are between 16-24. Besides that, 56.8% of TikTok Malaysia’s users are female, and 43.2% are male. In early 2022, TikTok had more than 14 million users aged 18 and above in Malaysia and there could be a lot more younger users, but the company only show audience data for users aged 18 and above.

It’s no exaggeration to say that many Malaysians use the app on a daily basis, but is it harmful? That’s what the government wants to find out.

Malay Mail reports that the CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) is investigating claims that downloading TikTok on mobile devices poses a risk, according to the Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil.

The investigation was prompted by the European Union’s (EU) decision to temporarily ban TikTok from senior officials’ phones due to cybersecurity concerns, which has been followed by similar actions in the United States.

Fahmi has asked CSM to investigate the EU’s claims and any other suspicions related to TikTok’s data privacy practices. In addition, the ministry is also reviewing allegations that TikTok moderators are biased towards specific political groups.

The minister added he has been in touch with TikTok regarding accusations of political bias among the platform’s moderators, which he describes as a serious matter that requires due diligence to investigate.

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