This Is A Futuristic OnePlus 11 Concept Phone With Liquid Cooling

The cooling system dubbed “Active CryoFlux” can reduce the temperature up to 2.1°C according to the company.
(credit: OnePlus)

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After teasing the concept phone for quite some time, OnePlus finally revealed the OnePlus 11 Concept to the world at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023.

The main feature of the OnePlus 11 Concept phone is Active Cryoflux in which the company claims it can reduce the temperature up to 2.1°C, improving the frame rate by 3-4 fps during gameplay. The Active CryoFlux can also bring the temperature down when charging by 1.6°C – shaving off between 30s-45s from the charging time.

(credit: GSMArena)

OnePlus said they have miniaturised the cooling capability of gaming PCs into a smartphone. The Active CryoFlux functions with the industrial-grade ceramic piezoelectric micropumps at the centre, connected to pipelines sandwiched between an upper and lower diaphragm. The micropump takes up an area of less than 0.2 cm2, enabling the liquid to circulate around the pipelines without significantly increasing a phone’s weight and thickness.

The clear rear cover delivers a view of the micro liquid flowing through the pipelines, which is completed with a magnetron-spluttering coating where metal and alloy are deposited in tiny amounts onto the case using an electric field. The Active CryoFlux liquid flows through the camera in a halo, and the lens area is surrounded by Guilloché etching.

OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler

(credit: Android Authority)

Besides the OnePlus 11 Concept, the company also showcased a semiconductor-based Thermo Electric Cooler that was designed to keep your phone cool while under heavy load. The company claims it can reduces the temperature of a working device by up to 20°C and can immediately enter safe mode – switching itself off to avoid damage if needed.

OnePlus didn’t say whether these two products are going to be available in the market. We think the OnePlus 11 Concept will remain a concept, just to showcase what the company is capable of. But the 45W Liquid Cooler seems feasible.

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