Fahmi: The Gov’t Doesn’t Censor Or Classify Social Media Content, If They Are Not Against The Law

The Comms and Digital Minister said they are not censoring WhatsApp, WeChat, MiChat and other similar apps.
(credit Malay Mail)

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The internet is not really a wild west anymore compared to the earlier days. Governments and organisations are constantly monitoring the internet to maintain social and political stability, protecting intellectual property, or preventing the dissemination of harmful or inappropriate material, like what happened during the GE15 period on TikTok.

While some argue that censorship is necessary to safeguard certain values and interests, others argue that it violates the principles of free speech and expression. Internet censorship is a complex and controversial issue that requires careful consideration of the rights and responsibilities of individuals and institutions in the digital age.

The New Straits Times reports that according to Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil, the government does not engage in censorship or regulation of internet content by restricting the use of social media platforms or applications.

No licenses are issued to social media platform providers, including instant messaging apps. However, if an app violates laws related to fraud or impersonation, the government can take appropriate action against it, including blocking it in Malaysia.

Legal action can be taken against an individual or party if they violate laws by uploading content or committing any action, rather than the platform they use.

Fahmi also stated that the government has created 911 digital economy centres (PEDi) throughout the country to encourage youth participation in the digital economy in collaboration with social media platform providers. The government sees social media as an important medium for both expression and the digital economy.

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