Realme CEO ‘Accidentally’ Tweeted That Realme C-Series Phone Will Be Getting ‘Dynamic Island’

The dynamic island feature is called ‘Mini Capsule’.
(credit: Jawomo on Google Play Store/ Apple)

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Ever since Apple released the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with the Dynamic Island feature, some companies like Huawei and Xiaomi have been trying to emulate it. One developer even made an app that tried to do the same thing for Android phones and called it ‘dynamicSpot‘. Now, it seems Realme is jumping into the fray as well.

Smartprix reports that the next Realme C-Series smartphones will have a new feature called a ‘Mini Capsule,’ according to Realme’s CEO Madhav Sheth, who tweeted about it before later deleting it.

(credit: Smartprix)

They have also obtained a video showing how it works and we have converted the video to GIF for an easier viewing experience.

(credit: Smartprix/ OnLeaks)

As you can see from the GIF, the Mini Capsule works nothing like Apple’s Dynamic Island. Currently, the Mini Capsule feels gimmicky and it just displays battery life and charging status, but Realme may have other plans for it that will become clear when the company makes an official announcement.

One thing is for sure, though: this won’t come close to Apple’s Dynamic Island, which is truly packed with features like app access, notification viewing, music browsing, and more.

In the meantime, you don’t have to wait for Realme to release the phone to try this feature. Just download the ‘dynamicSpot’ app on your phone and try it for yourself, is free.

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