Fahmi: New Free Sports TV Channel Is Coming On April

Having the new sports channel will allow RTM to run additional programmes on TV1 and TV2, according to the Comms and Digital Minister.
(credit: Malay Mail/ Bernama)

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People love watching sports on TV because it provides a platform for excitement, competition, emotion, and escapism. The unpredictability and drama of a game can evoke feelings of excitement and joy, while the competition between athletes fuels people’s natural desire for competition.

Sports can also bring people together by creating a sense of identity and community through fan culture. The ability to escape the stresses of everyday life and connect with others who share similar interests makes watching sports on TV a beloved pastime for many Malaysians. We love our football, badminton, sepak takraw plus many other sports as much as we love our foods.

Malay Mail reports that according to Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil, a free sports TV channel will be available in the country by April. The channel is being developed in collaboration with national broadcaster RTM.

Fahmi acknowledged the challenges of content and cost, but expressed hope that by April, the channel can be launched and fully announced.

He added that although there is a RTM Sukan, a channel that people can watch online, he would like to see it also be on TV. RTM Sukan is a channel on RTMKlik, which is an online streaming platform that can be downloaded for free on mobile devices.

The new sports channel will be televised nationwide and allow for free access to sports programs. Fahmi said the creation of a new sports channel will also free up space for RTM to air other programs on its two terrestrial channels, TV1 and TV2. The new channel is part of the ministry’s effort to promote local athletes, and it will include Malaysian sports.

But there’s already a free sports channel on TV, Sukan RTM. It started back in 2008 to broadcast the Beijing Olympic Games and now, everyone can watch the channel through MYTV Broadcasting on Channel 111.

(credit: MYTV)

MYTV Broadcasting or also known as myFreeview, is a Malaysian television broadcasting company that provides free digital terrestrial television (DTT) in the country. We don’t understand why Fahmi didn’t just keep using and expanding Sukan RTM rather than creating a new one.

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