Apple Could Be Looking Into Releasing An Even More Expensive Smartphone, The iPhone Ultra

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple said consumers are willing to pay for the best that they can get when asked about rising iPhone prices.
(credit: Apple)

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It’s no secret that newer iPhones are becoming increasingly expensive nowadays. Right now, the most expensive iPhone you can buy is the iPhone 14 Pro Max which starts from RM5,799 and it goes all the way up to more than RM8,000. And if everything goes as planned for Apple, it could get a lot more expensive. 

According to Mark Gurman’s newsletter on Bloomberg, Apple is considering creating an iPhone Ultra variant and this will be placed above the Pro and Pro Max models.

Gurman said when that when investors asked Tim Cook whether the rising iPhone’s average sales price was sustainable, the CEO of Apple said:

I think people are willing to really stretch to get the best they can afford in that category.

Cook also said that iPhones as become “integral” part of people’s lives, people use it to make payments, control smart-home appliances, manage their health and store banking data.

Apple has reportedly discussed internally about adding a more expensive iPhone to the top of its array of smartphones, according to Gurman. This most expensive iPhone is going to use the moniker, Ultra. Apple already has two product using the name Ultra, the Apple Watch Ultra and the M1 Ultra processor sitting inside the Mac Studio which was released last year.

Gurman said he doesn’t know what iPhone Ultra is going to offer to justify its higher price tag. Perhaps there will better camera, a faster chip or a larger display.

He also said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max coming later this year is getting a periscope lens, which will offer improved optical zoom and Apple is not planning to release a foldable iPhone anytime soon.

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