Maybank Now Allows Users To Terminate Their Online Banking Access, Here’s How To Activate The Kill Switch Feature

The “kill switch” feature enables users to temporarily suspend their online banking account if they suspect their account has been compromised.
(credit: Firdaus Latif / Malay Mail)

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Earlier this month, CIMB also introduces the ability to freeze online banking ID via CIMB apps. Having a kill switch is important because it allow users to immediately stop any unauthorized transactions or withdrawals, which can help prevent further financial loss.

After CIMB, Maybank is the latest bank to do so, allowing customers to freeze their online banking access on Maybank2u website and MAE app.

The “kill switch” can be activated using the MAE app or the Maybank2u site. You will automatically log out of all open sessions on the MAE app, M2U MY app, and Maybank2u online after you deactivate your Maybank2u access. This will prevent any additional login tries and protect the money in your accounts. According to Maybank, here’s how to activate the kill switch.

Maybank2u website

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Go to ‘SETTINGS’

Step 3: Click ‘SECURITY’ and select ‘Kill Switch’

Step 4: Under ‘Deactivate M2U Access’, click ‘DEACTIVATE’

Step 5: Read the terms and click ‘PROCEED’

Step 6: Click ‘CONFIRM’ to proceed

MAE app

Step 1: Launch the MAE app and tap ‘More’

Step 2: Tap ‘Kill Switch’

Step 3: Select ‘Deactivate M2U Access’

Step 4: Read the terms and tap ‘Deactivate Now’

Step 5: Tap ‘Confirm’ to proceed

Once you have activated the kill switch, you will receive a SMS and push notification. A notification informing you that you have temporarily disabled your Maybank2u access will be displayed if you try to log in.

Customers can still use their physical debit or credit cards and make regular ATM withdrawals even while the account is momentarily deactivated.

If you want to reactive your online banking account, you need to visit a Maybank branch or call Maybank Group Call Centre (MGCC) at 1300-88-8866. However, your Maybank2u access will be terminated if you do not reactivate it within 12 months.

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