KPDN Probing New Touch ‘n Go Visa Card After Backlash From The Public Due To Lack Of TnG Features

Netizens have been complaining about the Visa card’s inability to function like a regular Touch ‘n Go card.
(credit: TnG Digital)

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Touch ‘n Go (TnG) just officially launched their numberless Visa prepaid card two days ago and they are already off to a bad start.

To recap, the TnG’s Visa card is tied to an user’s eWallet balance; you can use it like a regular Visa card; you can do online transactions, PayWave, and withdraw money from the ATM. But you can’t use it like a regular TnG card, which means no paying for parking, tolls, or public transportation and it has drawn criticism for this specific part.

The Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) Minister, Salahuddin Ayub tweeted that he was getting numerous complaints regarding the Visa card.

He has given the KPDN enforcement department instructions to thoroughly examine this matter, and they will ask TnG to provide an explanation.

BFM News tweeted that netizens are criticising the implementation of the Visa card and why it cannot be used as a regular TnG card.

The company said it’s not possible to have Visa and TnG functionality on the same card due to interference.

Some netizens are also questioning why they should use TnG Visa card over something like Bigpay, where they don’t charge annual fees. For the TnG Visa card, users have to pay a RM8 annual fee, but that is being waived until further notice.

Bigpay charges RM6 for local ATM withdrawals and RM10 for overseas withdrawals compared to TnG Visa card RM1.40 for local withdrawals, whereas international withdrawals cost RM15.

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