Malaysia’s Military Stopped Four Hacking Attempts On National Defence Network

The hackers may be attempting to test their skills and try out malware tech on the network.
(credit: Image by freepik/ Malay Mail)

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Last week, we covered a news where a hacker group known as “Dark Pink” is targeting confidential government and military data in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

The hacker group used phishing emails and advanced malware to infiltrate and attack military organizations in the Philippines and Malaysia, as well as in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Yesterday, Malay Mail reports that recently, the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) discovered four potential breaches on the national defense communication network.

The director-general of ATM Cyber and Electromagnetic Defence, Rear Admiral Datuk Shamsuddin Ludin, stated that the investigations indicate that the hacking attempts were likely carried out by a group or individual using phishing methods. The goal of these attempts was to evaluate the effectiveness of ATM’s cyber defence technology and to practice the hacker’s own skills with current malware technology.

These hackers may want to try out technology that is already in the market. It is also possible that there are (sinister) sponsors so that they can sell protection software or firewalls.

ATM Cyber and Electromagnetic Defence, Director-General, Rear Admiral Datuk Shamsuddin Ludin.

Shamsuddin added they have not been able to identify the objective of the hackers. However, measures have been taken to improve the country’s cyber defence system. The hackers used phishing emails in random attacks on the official email network used by several agencies within the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces.

He stated that any organization is vulnerable to phishing emails but the ATM is constantly vigilant and has implemented measures such as strengthening its firewall to deal with potential infiltration. He emphasized that the ATM takes a proactive approach and is prepared to deal with threats at all times, whether during peace or war.

It’s not known whether these hacking attempts are related to the Dark Pink group.

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