Gov’t Launches Open Source Data Portal, OpenDOSM To Help People Make Better Decisions And Be More Transparent

All the data on the site is free for everyone to use and it will be continuously updated.
(credit: OpenDOSM)

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Why data is so valuable? Because it can be used to make informed business decisions, improve operations, and gain insights into consumer behaviour. It can also be used to train machine learning models, which can automate tasks and make predictions about future events.

Additionally, data can be used to create new products and services and to personalize experiences for customers. Overall, data has become an essential asset for organizations in a wide range of industries, and its value is only expected to continue growing.

According to a Malay Mail reports, the OpenDOSM Next Gen open data platform was officially launched by the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM) and its Chief Statistician Datuk Seri Mohd Uzir Mahidi stated that it aligns with their goal to innovate and promote the correct and transparent sharing of data for the public.

The world is full of data, and the flooding of data increases the demand for reliable statistics and information in making decisions. As the country’s official statistics department, we are faced with high expectations to deliver real-time and reliable data.

Open data not only enables the people to make more accurate decisions but more importantly, it empowers the people to contribute to good policy development.

DoSM, Chief Statistician, Datuk Seri Mohd Uzir Mahidi.

Minister of Economy Rafizi Ramli, who officially launched the platform, said it represents a significant advancement in data-sharing in the country and he hopes it will inspire other agencies to be more open with their data.

He stated that the goal is to increase data sharing among agencies and departments to benefit not only government work but also to make it more valuable for the general public. He also added that if data is only restricted to government use, it will not aid in their efforts to promote data and digitalization to society.

Rafizi stated that he hopes the open data platform will demonstrate the government’s commitment to transparency. He also added that it is a signal as important as the features of OpenDOSM and that they are moving towards open government and open data, and the sooner and faster they can utilize OpenDOSM to get more features, more details, and more data, the more confidence in the government’s data integrity will be built.

Data is the way forward. This is a necessity for the future and we are committed to fully sprint ahead with digitalisation and open source data and data sharing.

Ministry of Economy, Minister, Rafizi Ramli.

All the data sets on OpenDOSM are accessible for download either as raw datasets, tables or charts, and can also be scraped using the Python programming language.

The data available on the platform so far includes unemployment rate, exchange rates, Consumer Price Index, Gross Domestic Product, voting statistics and Covid-19 and many others.

You can go right HERE and start getting the data that you need for your work or study.

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