WhatsApp Is Helping Users To Circumvent Internet Censorship By Using Proxy

Through proxy, users can continue to use the app by connecting to third-party servers.
(credit: WhatsApp)

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Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet. It may be carried out by governments, private organizations, or individuals. Internet censorship can take many forms, such as blocking websites or specific types of content, filtering content, throttling or slowing down the transmission of certain types of data.

It can be used to suppress information, limit the exposure of certain ideas, or prevent the spread of sensitive or controversial topics. The main objective is to restrict freedom of expression and limit access to information.

Yesterday, WhatsApp announced that they are allowing users to continue communicating even when the Internet shuts down or if their governments block WhatsApp in their country through the use of proxy.

This feature is available to all Android and iOS users worldwide and users can connect to servers set up by volunteers and organizations around the world.

According to WhatsApp, using a proxy will keep the messages’ privacy and security intact because end-to-end encryption will still be used to safeguard them. This makes sure that only you and the recipient can view them and that no one else, such as a proxy server, Meta, or WhatsApp, can access their information. However, your IP address will be visible to the proxy provider.

WhatsApp said:

Our wish for 2023 is that these internet shutdowns never occur. Disruptions like we’ve seen in Iran for months on end deny people’s human rights and cut people off from receiving urgent help.

Though in case these shutdowns continue, we hope this solution helps people wherever there is a need for secure and reliable communication.

To connect to a proxy, go to WhatsApp, Settings > Storage and Data > Proxy. Here you can enter the server numbers and a green check mark will appear if the connection is successful.

If you want to help set up a proxy server, you can find out more information about it HERE.

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