Comms And Digital Ministry Will Review The GOV SMS Spam After Receiving Massive Backlash From Public

People complained that they kept receiving messages praising the current administration.
(credit: Tech TRP/ Bernama)

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We are certain many people have been receiving unsolicited Short Message Service (SMS) from the government praising themselves. It’s annoying to say the least, and they are finally doing something about it.

Free Malaysia Today reports that the Communications and Digital Ministry (KKD) will review the standard operating procedure (SOP) for broadcasting its SMS.

The deputy minister of KKD, Teo Nie Ching stated that she was informed of the grievances raised by the situation and they will review and try to improve the SOP.

The ministry had sent messages to the public, portraying the Anwar Ibrahim-led administration as a “solution based on the law and Federal Constitution” via its “GOV” SMS broadcast.

(credit: Tech TRP)

Another SMS described the government is being led by parliament members from various backgrounds, ethnicity, religion and experience.

Members of Malaysia’s Pakatan Harapan political party had criticized the previous government for using a text messaging service to send messages to the public, alleging that it was being used to spread propaganda.

The “GOV” broadcast channel is intended for public service announcements from government agencies and ministries, most likely for emergencies like natural disaster warnings.

The previous government had used it during the pandemic to provide information on the bank loan moratorium and to warn people about scams.

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