This 65-Years-Old Grandma Is In A League Of Legends Esports Team

She lives in Taiwan and recently took part in an eSports tournament together with a team of elderlies.
(credit: AP Photo/ I-Hwa Cheng)

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People of all ages indulge in video games. From little kids to seniors, video games offer something of an escape from the real world, allowing you to do things you can’t otherwise do in real life. Did you know that seniors who enjoy playing games report better well-being, social functioning, and health compared to non-gamers? It also aids in the improvement of hand-eye coordination, reflexes, cognitive ability, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer.

AP News reported that a Taiwanese 65-years-old grandma, Chiang Yi-Shu, is a League of Legends (LoL) player and she just took part in her first-ever eSports tournament.

(credit: AP Photo/ I-Hwa Cheng)

Chiang is a member of the team for Hungkuang Evergreen Gaming, which was formed this summer. Huang Jianji, the director of the department of multimedia game development and application at Hungkuang University, formed the team, whose members’ ages range from 62 to 69.

I knew very little about computers. I never thought of learning about it, because I prefer interactions with people.

But when I started to play, I figured out that it was good for the brain. And especially the use of hands, you need to have dexterity.

Chiang Yi-Shu.

When she has the time, Chiang has been training at home and at the university. Ego Hsu, her coach, says that she plays for five hours each week.

(credit: AP Photo/ I-Hwa Cheng)

She added that when they are playing LoL, she tries to help them enjoy it rather than focus on killing off their opponents’ characters. Chiang continued, saying that having the character killed off often would make people depressed. If her team’s characters were quickly eliminated, she would blame herself because it would be her responsibility for not having trained them properly.

Despite the fact that her team didn’t win the tournament, Chiang and her teammates managed to learned new things through playing the game and have overcome their original technological inexperience. She said she’s not going to let this failure stop her from continuing to play the game.

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