Digital & Communications Minister Orders MCMC To Prepare For Any Telecom-Related Issues In Flooded States

MCMC also urged the public not to share the video of three sisters who died of electrocution at their flooded home.
(credit: Malay Mail)

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The monsoon season is in full swing now over Malaysia with several states being inundated due to heavy rains for the past few days. Communication is important to coordinate and rescue victims affected by the flood, this is why the Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD) is preparing for any communication issues that might happen.

Malay Mail reported that Fahmi Fadzil has instructed the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to address any telecommunications network problems in flood-affected regions, particularly in relief centres.

Additionally, MCMC had been told to act right away if there were any issues with the communications system.

So far, I have not yet received any complaints from the National Disaster Management Agency or relevant ministers about telecommunications problems at relief centres.

Ministry of Communications and Digital, Minister, Fahmi Fadzil.

Five states—Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang, Johor, and Perak—have already been affected by flooding, and the number of casualties is continuously rising.

Additionally, in order to respect the family’s privacy, MCMC urged the public to cease sharing the footage of three siblings who were electrocuted today after their Kelantan home flooded.

While strolling through their flooded home in Kampung Bendang Surau near Morak in Kota Baru at 11.30 a.m., Noor Fathiah Mohd Nadzir, 27, Sakinah, 29, and Nurul Syazwani, 33, electrocuted themselves and died on the spot.

According to MCMC, putting an end to such action will also allow more time for the authorities to conduct a full investigation into the incident.

In order to prevent attempts to make the incident become viral, MCMC will also take proactive actions by bringing the issue to the attention of social media platforms including Meta, Twitter, and TikTok.

Users of social media are urged to submit a report regarding the incident’s sensitive content because it is not appropriate for public consumption.

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