Xiaomi Is Dipping Its Toes Into The Desktop PC Market

The company is planning to release two Mini-PCs running on Windows.
(credit: Xiaomi Facebook/ Weibo)

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The giant Chinese electronics company is well-known for its smartphones. But did you know the company has been releasing Windows laptops for the past few years? Although Xiaomi only released one laptop here, the Redmibook 15 back in June 2022, in other regions, there are more models.

So it is only natural for the company to venture into the desktop PC market. Videocardz reported that Xiaomi is getting ready to launch two Mini-PCs powered by Windows and AMD.

The Mini-PCs were supposed to be unveiled during the Xiaomi Mi 13 launch event on 1 December 2022, but the death of China’s former president, Jiang Zemin, caused the company to postponed the event.

(credit: Weibo)

The Mini-PC above has no hardware installed except for a 100W power supply. Although it’s unclear if the system works with AMD or Intel hardware, a 2-slot desktop GPU does seem to be supported. A more powerful power supply will be necessary for it, though.

(credit: Weibo)

The Mini-PC runs on Windows OS. Promotional materials and the built-in screen itself, which displays a Win+M shortcut, both attest to this.

(credit: Weibo)

In addition, there’s another Mini-PC with an AMD Ryzen 7 6800H APU. This 45W processor comes with integrated RDNA2 Radeon 680M graphics. It is said to cost RM 2,999 (RM 1,881) without storage and memory and about RMB 3,999 (RM 2,509) with 16GB DDR5 RAM and 512GB storage. Whether such systems are in fact being developed has not yet been confirmed by Xiaomi.

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