Sony And Honda Is Planning To Build An EV With A PS5 In It

They are attempting to compete with Tesla EVs that have gaming capabilitie
(credit: Sony/ Sony PlayStation)

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A while ago, if you want to play games on the move, you either have to get a portable gaming console like a Nintendo Switch or a Steam Deck or install a small screen on the back of the seats and hook a console to it. Then Tesla came up with a way that allows drivers and passengers to play games straight from the car’s large horizontal screen. Tesla’s latest Model S and X have an AMD RDNA 2 graphics chip built into them, but the games are only playable when the car is parked. The company said you may be able to play Steam games as well in the future.

Apparently, Sony and Honda are also planning to do the same thing. The Verge reported the president of the Sony-Honda joint venture, Izumi Kawanishi said it is technologically possible for Sony to integrate a PS5 into the electric vehicle (EV).

Yasuhide Mizuno, chair of Sony Honda Mobility and senior managing officer of Honda Motor Co, said they want the EV to be more than just a car, they want the passengers and driver to enjoy entertainment while on the move.

But they have a big hurdle to overcome, they have to make the car autonomous so that the people inside the car can focus on the entertainment and it’s going to take a long time to do that.

Sony and Honda worked together because they have the technologies and expertise to build a good EV and the joint venture is planning to release a vehicle in North America by early 2026.

Although there are no pictures of the actual vehicle, Sony did reveal two concept vehicles, Vision-S 01 and SUV 02 back in CES 2022.

(credit: Sony)
(credit: Sony)

The Vision-S, which was developed in cooperation with the automaker Magna, has two 200kW motors that enable it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (0 – 100km/h) in 4.5 seconds. Around the vehicle, it had around ten image sensors, along with lidars, radars, and ultrasonics; within the vehicle, there were at least nine displays dispersed throughout.

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