UNDI18 Is Working With Google To Fight Misinformation And Help First-Time Voters

Undi Negaraku is a website where you can learn about the voting process, do’s and don’ts, why it is important to vote and etc.
(credit: Undi Negaraku’s Facebook/ Wikipedia/ Malay Mail)

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The 15th general election (GE15) is the first election in which the youth will make up more than 50% of the electorate. Over 5.8 million new voters, including 1.2 million aged between 18 and 20, will go to the polls for the first time. 

With this in mind, Undi18, in collaboration with Google, have today launched the Undi Negaraku website where voters can, in one-stop, educate themselves and learn more about what it means to be an informed voter participating in the democratic process of an election. The one-stop site aims to prepare first-time and seasoned voters alike for the upcoming GE15. This includes topics such as tackling misinformation, a guide for first-time voters, and information on the political coalitions in Malaysia. 

With over 5 million first-time voters this year, we at Google Malaysia want to do our part to help all voters gain access to credible and helpful information as we navigate GE15 together. Digital first Malaysians will likely turn to online resources for information on the electoral candidates, voting locations and other election related matters. Supporting this effort aligns with our mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google Malaysia, Managing Director, Marc Woo.

The resources provided here aim to help voters with the knowledge needed to help discern misinformation. This includes learning what to do when a piece of misinformation is identified, and guidance for voters through fact checking methods and tools such as the Google Fact Check Explorer

(credit: Undi Negaraku)

Additionally, the site also offers information and materials for voters new and experienced to make the most of the voting process, from guides on how to vote on polling day and a deeper dive on the election process and the parties and coalitions involved.

(credit: Undi Negaraku)

For those interested in taking a more active role in the general election, the website also provides links to two initiatives aimed at supporting the democratic process of voting – Undi Negaraku, a non-partisan youth movement comprising of local youth movements from across Malaysia, and PACA (polling agent / counting agent) that ensures the smooth conduct of the election.

(credit: Undi Negaraku)

The website also serves as a one-stop portal for Malaysians to learn more about the various coalitions that are involved in the general elections, and the parties that make them up. Voters will be able to glean key information such as a party’s political position, symbol, and manifesto in one helpful place.

(credit: Undi Negaraku)

Throughout the election period, from when Parliament dissolves to polling day itself, disinformation campaigns disguised as political messaging can be spread intensely among voters. This can be damaging to any democracy, and Malaysia is not spared. Everyone should be free to vote based on their own beliefs and not based on misinformation spread with malicious intent.

Undi18, Co-founder, Qyira Yusri.

The Undi Negaraku site will be kept up-to-date with election information as and when it is released up until polling day, and will serve as a permanent home for voter education material beyond GE15 as well.

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