YouTube Thinks That You’re Ad-Deficient And They Are Serving You More Of It

Non-YouTube Premium subscribers have to sit through five ads before the video begins.
(credit: Image by ijeab on Freepik)

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The biggest bane on the Internet is probably unskippable advertisements. There are many ways to block them. However, if a person is not tech-savvy, they will probably have to watch all the advertisements that appear right in front of them.

We know advertisements are important for sites to make money, but sometimes they can be very intrusive and annoying. For example, YouTube video ads. They are unskippable, and they are about to get a whole lot more bothersome.

Gizmochina reported that YouTube is testing a new ad format starting this month. Free users who previously have to watch up to three unskippable ads will now be forced to watch up to five unskippable ads instead.

A Reddit user, KingWaffle12345, complained that they are getting five ads instead of the usual two.

(credit: KingWaffle12345 on reddit)

Another user complained on Twitter that they were also getting the same thing.

Because of the uproar, YouTube has stepped forward and posted an official response on Twitter confirming the situation and stating that YouTube users may see the new five-ads occurrence due to the company’s particular style of advertisement known as bumper ads. According to YouTube, these bumper ads are short-form, unskippable platform advertisements that are generally 6 seconds long.

It appears YouTube is testing the bumper ads on selected free users because this issue is not happening to everyone. The majority of free users now only see up to three ads before their videos begin, however it is unknown when the “five-ads format” update will be made available to all users in the future.

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