AMD Knows You’re Confused About Their CPUs Naming Convention And They Want To Fix That

This is why, in 2023 onwards, AMD is moving forward with a new and easy way to help customers to identify their mobile CPUs.
(credit: AMD)

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We know how confusing and complicated it is when you are looking to buy a new laptop, especially if the person is not tech-savvy. To most people, the processor model numbers look like gibberish, and AMD understands that consumers struggle to differentiate between CPUs. 

So, AMD has developed a new naming system for mobile processors for the year 2023 and beyond.

(credit: AMD)

Here’s what each digit of the CPU model will mean:

  1. Portfolio Year: Gives you a sense of what model year the processor lives in. Check if you are buying last year’s model.
  2. Segment: Helps communicate “at-a-glance” performance to customers browsing in the store. For example, Ryzen 9 is always the fastest and most feature-rich processor. This helps customers cross-shop at a glance and is the most common way customers compare CPUs.
  3. Architecture: What version of “Zen” the chip is currently using.
  4. Feature Isolation: Assist consumers in differentiating between processors with many versions of the same architecture. 0 means slower chip, while 5 means faster.
  5. Form Factor/TDP: Help customers differentiate low-power chips versus higher power ones.

As for their desktop CPUs, AMD said they are not planning to change the naming system.

If you are looking to buy an AMD laptop next time, you can refer to this article to help you make your decision. You should have an easier time next time when you do your laptop shopping.

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