Grab: Let Us Record Your Audio So We Can Protect You

For now, the AudioProtect feature is only available for selected users in Penang and Johor Bahru starting next month.
(credit: Grab)

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Sometimes, when you have a dispute with a rider or a driver, it is hard to gather evidence and bring it to Grab for further action. You can take photos or videos, but that only tells one side of the story. To better protect the riders and the drivers, Grab has decided to do something new.

In a news report by The Star, Grab announced a new beta feature called “AudioProtect” for selected users living in Penang and Johor Bahru starting next month.

(credit: Grab)

Once the feature has been turned on under the Safety Settings, both drivers and passengers will have the opportunity to record audio while travelling. Grab said in a statement that the feature will speed up and remedy any reported issues.

When they book a ride, users will be asked if they want to enable the feature. Additionally, they can do so under the Safety Settings section of My Account.

Grab clarified that the feature must be activated by both the driver and the passenger in order for the trip to be recorded. The ride will be recorded from the moment the driver pulls up to pick up the passenger until it is over.

It looks like if the driver or the passenger chooses not to enable this feature, there’s nothing Grab can do, which seems like a big oversight when implementing this feature. Hopefully, they can sort this out and maybe enable it automatically for both if one party chooses to do so.

If no safety issue is reported by either party during those 10 days, the recorded files will be deleted. Users, however, are unable to access or listen to the recordings on their smartphones owing to privacy concerns.

Grab stated that the file will be encrypted and in the case that a safety issue is reported, and only available to authorised Grab employees, law enforcement officials, and government agencies for the purposes of conducting an inquiry.

This feature is only available on the Grab app running version 5.216.0 and above. Make sure your phone has enough storage space as well.

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