Twitter Is Bringing Podcasts To Spaces, So What?

Will it be just another place to listen to podcasts?
(credit: Twitter | Jonathan Velazquez)

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Twitter recently announced in a blog post that it is expanding its Clubhouse-like Spaces to include podcasts. 

The process will begin with a new Spaces Tab that groups audio content by themes or subjects. It also recommends to users podcasts and audio content based on their interactions and preferred topics. 

Users can further tune these recommendations with a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”.

According to Twitter, the new features will first be available to “a group of global English-speaking audiences on iOS and Android” starting 25 August.

Twitter has a history with Podcasts

(credit: This Week in Tech)

Back in 2017, Twitter announced that it was planning to bring original, premium video content to its platform. The very next year, TWiT – officially known as This Week in Tech – sued Twitter.

TWiT is an audio and video media platform best known for its network of podcasts. 

As the story goes, because the two brands are so similar, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams had previously told Leo Laporte that Twitter was simply a text-based microblogging service. The two allegedly agree to coexist as long as one doesn’t step into the business of the other. 

Later that year a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit saying that they found no evidence Twitter agreed to never offer audio or video content under its brand.

Its Biggest Rival Is YouTube?

(credit: Szabo Viktor / Unsplash)

According to a study conducted by the agency Luminate, in the United States, 78% of podcast listeners over 13-years-old in the country use YouTube to listen to or watch podcasts.

Although podcasts used to be predominantly audio content, video podcasts are gaining popularity. But at the same time, most podcast aggregators are still focused only on the audio side.

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